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About Us

We are a unique program, unlike any other. Our classes are designed to prepare each child for the next level of learning through themes & carefully designed lesson plans. As children advance through each age group, their level of learning becomes an amazing sight. We are confident in our level of teaching with over 30 years of excellency. Every child will gain the knowledge, confidence, and social skills needed for their next step in education.  



Our goal at Triple R Child Care is to make education a priority. We thrive to make sure our children are confident in their educational abilities. We want every child to learn but more importantly, be confident in what they are learning; making the first years of school a breeze.

We prepare our children for the "Big-Kid" school. It is extremely important for our students to enter elementary school with the mental, social and developmental skills needed to succeed in all aspects of learning.

Why We are Special


Staff: Our staff members and teachers come with an abundance of care, compassion, knowledge and experience.

Curriculum: Our curriculum is one of a kind! It is specifically designed for each age group. Each week is broken down by themes. Our themes draw the excitement in children and their love for learning. We include fine and gross motor skills, phonetics, mathematics, science, geography & dramatic play.

Expectations: We hold ourselves high on the bar for learning. Our teachers are experienced and have many years of education behind them. We want to ensure a great educational start for children and strive to keep that a top priority!

Families: Parents and family members play a major role in a child's life. We create and build bonds with our families to ensure a lifetime of passion for learning. We offer many family events through out the year, both in and out of the classroom.

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