Toddler 2

3's & 3/4's Preschool Program
Pre-Kindergarten is designed to prepare children for the next stage of learning. Our program offers a wide variety of learning tools. We offer "hands on" experiences, critical thinking, creativity, and basic learning skills. Our curriculum is designed specifically for kindergarten  
preparation. Each week has a specific theme that encourage imagination and a love for learning.
      Here are just a few things your child will be learning:
  • Printing first & last name
  • Letter recognition, Letter Sounds
  • Printing Numbers, Counting, & Sorting
  • Creating and recognizing patterns
  • Journaling
  • Sight words
  • Scissor control & skills
  • Puzzles
  • Manipulatives
  • Similarities & Differences
  • Learning to take turns, share & wait
Triple R Child Care preschool classroom
Triple R Child Care preschool classroom
Triple R Child Care preschool classroom
Triple R Child Care Toddler classroom
Infant classroom
Toddler 1
Triple R Child Care School Age Programs
Infants 1 & 2
Infant 1 is for babies 6 weeks - crawling. 
Infant 2 is for our mobile infants, up to 1 year and walking.
Having two infant rooms gives our little ones the area needed for tummy time and our older babies the space to move around and explore.
Our caregivers will follow your preferred schedule. As your baby grows so will their routine and we will follow accordingly.
Babies learn by using their senses. They explore and discover by touching and mouthing objects, hearing voices and music, and seeing the colorful, fascinating world around them. The most important part of a babies early learning experience are through the interactions and experiences with loved and trusted caregivers.
Using fine and gross motor skills along with tummy time, we work on many things from simply gaining the strength to hold their own head up to rolling over, sitting up, holding their own bottle, self feeding, crawling and the beginning stages of walking. 
Two year olds are very curious and enjoy using
their senses and motor skills to explore the world. 
Their social skills are beginning to develop as they
learn to share and play together. Our 2's Program 
will lay the groundwork for reading and writing
through books and pretending to "read" while they independently look through familiar books. In circle time, they will learn to sing their ABC's and 123's.
They will learn to recognize basic shapes and colors through flash cards, songs and games. We will have
lots of hands on fun with coloring, painting, 
play-dough, musical instruments... 
          They have grown from infants
       to toddlers and are ready to learn and explore!
  We will work on language development, social skills    and communication, along with fine and gross motor. 
 Their attention spans are still very minimal so we try to make learning fun by incorporating ABC's, 123's, colors,    and shapes throughout our daily schedule with
   of songs, books, flash cards, music and movement, 
                  hands on crafts and much more!
Triple R Child Care preschool classroom
Triple R Child Care preschool classroom
      And, just like that, they are 3!
          Our 3's & 3/4's programs are designed to 
   broaden the learning spectrum by exploring what
   they "CAN" do! Our curriculum is designed for the    beginning basics of Pre-school. Each week has a specific theme that allows everyone to explore through different activities, experiments, and personal control.
Here are a few ways they learn:
  •  Tracing, printing, cutting, gluing, patterns 
  •  Letter recognition & sounds, books & songs
  •  BINGO, peg boards, puzzles, sorting
Infant classroom
Infant Classroom
Triple R Child Care 2's classroom
Triple R Child Care 2's classroom